New week, new month – time to review goals!


This is a new week in a new month. We have reached February 2014, and I have no idea what happened to January. It just went away very quickly this year, it seems.

A new month presents a wonderful opportunity to review goals and results, and to review the current direction. I am no different, so let´s go through my current goals for 2014, and the activities I have done to work towards those goals.

Goals for 2014

  • For 2014, I will focus more on learning than to teach. That means that I am back at the university, this time I study psychology. The reason I chose to look at psychology at this level, is the increased understanding I have that psychology (and anthropology) have a deep impact on our understanding of security, and security behavior / culture specifically. So for me to be able to connect more dots, and to help more people and organizations work securely, I need to understand more about people.
  • Another goal for 2014, which is related to the above, is to do less.  Less speaking engagements, less voluntary activities, less stuff I do not want to do.
  • And I will spend more time with my family, doing stuff together.
  • I will also get my body back into shape, and the goal for 2014 is to be able to run 10Km at a good pace.

Results for January

Let me walk through each of the goals, and see how I am doing.

  • For the learning/teaching part, I am cutting back on classroom teaching, and travels. Instead, I am creating e-learnings, and I share more information using this blog. So far, this is very frustrating, one reason being that creating e-learning is much more work than I first thought, which means I put in more hours, and becomes more frustrated with the results than before. However, I do believe this investment in time and effort will pay off later, and will continue to create and enhance the e-learning courses. So teaching less is going so-so at the moment.
  • As for learning, I am (as of this week) going to classes at the university three times a week, I read and work on the topics a minimum of two hours per day, and I learn a lot. Not that I remember it all, what happens is that I feel good by doing something I like very much. In addition to learning psychology, I also learn other things – like creating e-learning courses. So I can honestly say I have been learning a lot in January.
  • As for doing less, I am not doing so good. I do do less of some things, while I see I have started doing other things instead. For example, I have stopped volunteering my time to causes I no longer believe in, so that is a win. On the other side, I have joined a group that works on creating and revising ISO/IEC Standards, and I have accepted an honorary attachment to the National Cybersecurity Institute in Washington DC. I have also said yes to write some articles for Computer Weekly in the UK, and to write another book. So overall, I am failing big-time on this goal.
  • For the family goal, I just initiated a robot-building project with Kiddo, which will make us do more together, as well as teach him math and logics (and I will have to re-learn it), programming, mechanics and so much more. And of course we will be doing this together, meaning more time together. So far, this goal is progressing.
  • The final goal for 2014, getting my body back into shape, is progressing very good too. I have managed to get out the door four times a week since new year, to complete a 5km course in snow and ice. I am not yet able to run the full distance, but the subgoal for January was to make the habit of getting out four mornings a week, and that has been a huge success. Next subgoal, probably by end of March, will be to run the full 5km course four days a week. Then I can start extend the course, possibly by the same time spring is making it possible to run in the forest again.
Taking time to reflect on your success
Take time out to reflect on your success!


Evaluation of the results

So far, I find the results for 2014 to rock.

Although I have failed on some goals, I can say the progress on the others are so good that I can accept the poor results of doing less. What is more, is that those things I have accepted to do (thus failing my own goal), are things I want to do, with one possible exception.

Adjusting course

Having goals, and evaluating them are good. To go from good to great however, you must also use the evaluation of your goals to adjust your course. These are my adjustments for the next months:

I will do a monthly goal review and evaluation, with things I can revise and change in order to better achieve my goals. I will work hard on saying «No», as there is no doubt that I need to be better at choosing the right activities for me in order to achieve my goals.

I also believe it is time to step up the studies a bit. So from now on until exam, I will spend more time studying than working.

These are my reflections on goals and progress for 2014. What are your reflections? How are you progressing with your goals for 2014?

Author: Kai Roer

Author, blogger, speaker, trainer and columnist, Kai shares his passion for leadership, communication and security culture.

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  1. congrats Kai. Good to see you working on your goals. It’s a great idea to do monthly reviews .. as you say, time runs too fast and we often forget the thinking while sticking to the action…

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