Hacking WEP enabled WIFI

To many of us, hacking WEP encryption is yesterdays news. However, to those not so technical out there, I would like to show you how easy and quick it is to hack a WEP-enabled wireless access point.

Do not worry if you do not understand what is going on – just take notice of how quickly it is done, and how confident the hacker is. That is all you need to know and care about.

And of course – I no longer need to beat this old dog, now, do I? You do realize it is time to review and audit your wireless security, right?

Thought so.

EDIT: If you would like to learn _how_ to hack wifi, there is a course for that over at SecurityTube: http://www.securitytube-training.com/online-courses/securitytube-wi-fi-security-expert/

–> EDIT: Gees, guys, how can you be so STUPID???? There is a link in the text, so there is NO need to ask me for the information. Besides, if you really are THAT stupid, you will never get it anyway. So go read some comics. <—

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  1. Cool, can you send me the instructions?


  3. i kneed one of these please hook me up email:

  4. would love a set of instructions

  5. Hi dear….. I will be really thankful to you if u can send me the instruction to crack that wep code of wifi (windows)… do i need any software or source?
    thanks in advance..

  6. can ya tell me hoe to hack security enabled d-link modem hosted by virgin media

  7. hi, i am interested in hackin wifi send me it please

  8. can you plz send me the instructions, hw to access or hack a security enabled net…. its asking sum kind of WEP code…Plz help me ?
    my e mail id — abhiskekvr@gmail.com

  9. hii dear…..
    I will be really thankful to you if u can send me the instruction to crack that wep code of wifi…
    thanks in advance..

  10. Ok, so becoming a hacking victim is quite easy…I may not know much about what the hackers are able to do, but constantly updating the operating system and content security we use is supposed to protect us from the hacker atempt to break into our system, right?

  11. I am really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people.


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  12. Loved the music on the video!

  13. could you please email me some instructions i am too cheap to buy internet and i am out of town allot and everyone started using security

  14. I just love humorous comments like that :) Sure, I’ll send you instructions by e-mail. And Ill do it right away, but since I do not have your e-mail address, I wonder if you mind it if I just place it directly on your Desktop? It is so much easier for me, just using the bot you installed last week…

  15. Anon: hehe :)

    Aung Kyaw San: Why don’t you just run Linux from a stick, then? http://www.pendrivelinux.com
    That will even let you easily remove your tracks ;)

  16. I am from Burma (Myanmar), we hardly use Linux. We only have windows.

    Please help me if I can crack with my laptop Panasonic CF W2 -Centrino (I have extra D-Link DWL-G630) using windows.

    Please demonstrate me.

    With many thanks.

  17. cool hook me up

  18. Nothing interest me more than this post, thank you for taking time in sharing this post.
    I would like to know how this hacking wifi works.

  19. k….m not a very technical guy….so just explain me…or rather give me simple instructions to hack a security enabled wi-fi network…….please take the pain to mail me the instructions…..thank U!!!

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