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A tragic story of a young girl

Hey Sicko: Yes, YOU! Get out of here, this is no pr0n site, nor is this a pr0n story. Wank off somewhere else.

I have strong feelings against abuse. And when I see young people falling for simple tricks and ending up as victims, I have to speak up.

Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and how we network between people. I should know, I use tools like LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook actively. In a market there will always be companies that pushes the line. In Norway, one such site is Camfight / Penest.no, which I have covered in the past.

Last week, a girl was featured on national TV. Her story is as follows:

When she was 14, she met a guy on Internet. The boy was a couple of years older, and convinced her to strip for him on webcam. The girl was in love, and believe him to be too. She obeyed his request.

As soon as the stripping was done, the boy ended all contact. Some time later, the video with the girl stripping shows up on Internet. Without her consent.

Her friend turned their back to her, and she ended up having to relocate and change her name.

As tragic as this is, this kind of stories are only starting to surface. When you are young, you do not have the experience, knowledge and understanding necessary to safely use the technology. He*k, many adults lack the very same requirements.

To add to experience, “Line” got no support from her school nor from the police.

I believe that this serves to show how vulnerable young people are, and how wrong things can end up. It never pays to be naive. And when in doubt, say NO!

–EDIT: Changed the title to avoid sickos looking for pr0n.

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  1. Emotions, and the need to “belong” either to a group or to some ideal, is one important source of this kind of behavior. The challenges is to see far enough ahead when doing things, and consider the consequences. Another challenge is to know enough about the technology to realize what is possible, and then you have the human aspect – who can you really trust?
    The learning for me, is to be careful, and most importantly, conscious. Make your own choices, and do not let your friends, lovers or others dictate your actions.

  2. this is sad…….. my whole skool haz that vid but i dont and i think other girls are doing this right now :(

  3. may i see the vid? dont worry im not a pedofile, im just a horny 14 year old boy. but the only naked people you see on the internet are 18 year olds. i wanna see porn of someone my age… may i have the url to the vid?

  4. I think this is an indescribable story, iv only just found it and already just from the title im shocked, I could not believe what i had just read when i had finnished reading it. What a poor girl, the least the police could do is track the person down the the local gateway ip address and arrest him or give him a very heavy fine..

  5. Being in Love Makes You Blind to ……
    We must teach our child about internet as soon as they can use internet.

  6. wow i think ur a fucked up parent

  7. I think you are right – some action should have been taken.
    Perhaps everybody can learn something, so we can avoid more of these stories in the future. I guess I have to do as John Lennon – imagine!

  8. potagas D. ace colt smoker

    of coursi will help you im ace and i hat people like that man i hat them i dont wish anithing bad to that guys but they giv bad things also the other time i saw y guy in the street im from the bronx but that guy saw a women that was being attacked and he dont do anithing i was in my apartment but i do somthing my dad teach me somthing wen you defend people you becom strong but people for good reasons i was attacked too but they scape so im in the hospital but im ok ad anithing you need tell me ok

  9. WHY ISNT THIS A VID???!??!?!??!?!

  10. Dear Anon,

    Did you read the story? Are you, perhaps, that jerk who did this to the girl? Or even worse – is this something you would like to do to someone?

    Searching for stories about 14 year olds stripping on cam – you should really spend some time reconsider your actions. And actually believing that you would find a video on this site, wow. Take a look around. Wake up!

  11. that is so bad how could someone do that to this poor girl i mean come on get real OMG what kind of horrible perverted person would do a suckish thing like that who ever did this is really really mean i mean MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. that is so bad how could someone do that to this poor girl i mean come on get real OMG what kind of horrible perverted person would do a suckish thing like that who ever did this is really really mean i mean MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Well I recently had this done to me the guy didn’t stop contact but I still feel used so I told him it was a mistake I think he was just hanging round because he wanted more I am 15 and I told one friend and I am worried she will tell others I can deal with these emotions I simply wasn’t ready

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