Travel Report from Ljubljana

The Ljubljana Grad / castle of Ljubljana

It´s July 2014 when I write this travel report from Ljubljana. I spent one week in this amazing city in Slovenia, a small country south in Europe. A truly fantastic place, well worth your time.

The official reason I traveled to this, for me new, location, was an … Continue reading

The CISSP Companion Handbook (Book Review)


Some times, great things happen. It can be the Spring in Norway, a cup of coffee in the morning, or a humorous new book on a boring topic. This post is about the latter one.

Javvad Malik, the notoriously funny and insightful guy, wrote the … Continue reading

The Security Culture Hangouts on Air

The Security Culture Framework deserves more than just a place to discuss and learn. We wanted something more interactive, something where you can join us, discuss and share your experiences.

Enter the Security Culture Hangout on Air – a monthly event that takes place on Google Hangouts, are live streamed, … Continue reading

How to build and maintain security culture

Security Culture eats strategy for breakfast

This week I was speaking at the ISACA Nordic Conference in Oslo, where I shared my findings on security culture. I have uploaded my slides to Slideshare, and you can watch them here:

Unfortunately, Slideshare is not able to process Keynote files (the tool I use to make … Continue reading

Thought Leader Life: Valuable insights shared

Kai Roer being a thought leader.

To me, being a thought leader means to share your knowledge, constantly searching for improvements, learning opportunities and ways to engage others. Some consider me to be a thought leader too, a humbling experience that helps me stay on my track.

As part of my personal development, I go to lengths … Continue reading